Fevered Dreams

You gave my emptiness a name
One which I can’t force my lips to utter
That tastes sharp and sour on the tongue
Rolls back, chokes and gets stuck in my throat

So i’ll say never again
No more will I be the fool
But we both know that it’s all lies
Hook, line and sinker

Piercing my cheek and i’m dangling
On the rod, writhing, splashing
Flailing, fighting for life
Blood runs across my gills

It’s quiet now, alone in
This dark room with this mirror
Casting such unflattering caricatures
Of my grotesque and battered form

Where can I drag this husk
A broken back, shattered spine
It’s warm in here behind the glass
The rain pisses down but i’m dry

It’s so very quiet and calm
The eye of the storm or
No storm at all, I can’t tell
I shake the tea leaves and claw at the porcelain

Lay down and breathe, close your eyes
It will all be over soon
Far too soon
Turn out the light

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