Three Guys On A Sofa

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a series of short comedy sketches featuring myself and my best friends.
Filmed, edited, written, produced and adapted for squirrels by Will McD (please like his channel or he will find me and use that crossbow, it wasn’t a gag!)

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I had a 2 hour nap yesterday. I dreamt that I went back to University to do some random Batchelors. Because it was my second time, I just dug in, did my work and studied. Somehow, in quite the opposite fashion to my first go, I became incredibly popular; a walking party and social centre of the campus. I was dragged out to all the parties and clubs. I played football and American football. All the guys would namedrop me and people high fived me wherever I went. I had a huge smile on my face.
I woke up despondent and was grouchy for a couple hours after. I just sat here and remembered it all in vivid detail and felt quite sobered. It is odd to think that some people really do live that life; people are magnetically drawn to them and everything they do is worshipped.


I am a victory
She sung sweetly as
Her small form framed
The sky and sunlight shone through
You’re only so sweet for so long

Live life and gather your rosebuds
While you may, as there are many ways
For age to wage on that felicitous form
Smile and dance, hold on to something
The brightest of days not the dark of the dawn

Lights flicker and flash out far quicker
Than the charm of her smile fades
Give up, get up, move on
And muster every fractured fragment
Of what is left of your self respect

Drag up, dig in, weather another storm
Whether you want to or not
There is always something brewing
Humid, a static, there is something in the air
Here, an energy, a flare

A flair for melodrama, oh Brutus et tu?
Hey, her hips didn’t lie but the same
Couldn’t be said for her thighs
And we get up, move on, grow

Standing now before it all
As the grass opens up ahead and the
Sunshine has never shone this bright
Finally you get it
That head over heels bullshit
It all makes sense
As you hold her in your arms

Robin Williams

I very rarely comment on dead celebrities but today we lost the guy who made Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting two of the most moving pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen. A lot of you will remember him as one of his manic comedy characters. I guess that’s why he was so important in my eyes, because he wasn’t just a hilarious goon, he wasn’t just a super serious academy actor; he was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was brilliant.