Keep Left

Racehorse can’t race a course backward
Ever seen a horse act awkward?
I grip on and work with your words
But they can’t sate me, can’t hold me

Loving you is like cutting glass
The sparks and lights are blinding
But make a mistake and you’re sliced in half

The vodka and pills numb the razor
So you can’t feel it
But I can, and I don’t know
How much more patience I have for this game

If death cures the disease
Known as life then what is this
Is your hollow gift a prize or punishment
Coldly, I ask myself should we cherish death

As my arms grow stronger they embrace
The rose you left wilting on my chest
The beat, the tremor, silenced as you draw closer
As life draws close to it’s end

It’ll make your heart beat that little bit faster
It’ll make your blood run that little bit colder
Keep left, keep it going long down the line
The blood runs thinner this time

Awaken and hold this flower
Cast out and cast down, hollowed out
And unhallowed, falling further from grace
But closer to the core of your self

Come round and scream
Confused, retching, like this is
New, the first time you’ve felt this way
I’m tired, i’m done, are you?

Pray the Angels

I’m praying for the weak,
They’ve found another martyr,
And the blood is screaming through the floor
Hell, it’s a shame that life is too tame,
I’ll liven it up with a hint of white noise

As the skin around your eyes rots and falls from your face
The smell of burning comes shrieking into life
Retching in the darkness, wires run farther into the grave
Revenge, one cold, white male
Strafing, darkening, we learn from such an early age

The widow suffocates and, crawling towards the door
The flames run higher, embracing weakness
You lay in it’s thrall
Annihilation, paving a path so weak it’ll crumble under my weight
And where will I lay then, some dark place with nothing but faith in fists
And the light reflected from my blade

You’re dripping piss into the soil
Far from the depths of suicide
I hold up your face and look into those eyes
Pulsing, dimming, shuddering out the lies

I’m praying for the weak,
They’ve found another martyr,
And the blood is screaming through the ground
Hell its a shame that life is too tame,
I’ll liven it up with a hint of white noise
I’m dreaming


What if, what if I never make it out of this alive
Coldly I ask myself, and my head is spinning
Faster than the cliches flowing through my thoughts
This desert heat is melting the waxen wings
Of our mythical eagle, I’m falling

Faster than I thought was possible
I hit the floor and find a cold friend laying beside me
Entrenched, embedded, outgunned and unprepared
Just another infidel in a foreign land
And far too far from home

And my life drips through my fingers
As I struggle to stop the crimson

Raise the flag, draped across my wooden ride
One last race through that silent crowd
And the heart in my chest stopped beating
Four thousand miles ago
In some forsaken sunsoaked land

What if, what if i never make it out of this alive
Coldly I ask myself, and my head is spinning
Faster than the cliches flowing through my thoughts
This desert heat is melting the waxen wings
Of our mythical eagle, I’m falling

This Jaded Desire

Too many days without a care
We lay beneath the apple trees
Of your mind, without fear
The cider of this summer
Holds a bitter sweet sting

This all ends here, this separation
The crimson flows over the banks
This lake of blood and tears, embryonic

The memories cut deep, hold your hand
Loosen your grip on that scimitar
The one pointed at my left,
Abdominal, cavity
Where it beats, pumps, surges

This lust, expires
This jaded desire for her
For life, for all of this
Dies now, fucking hopeless

Cure all this sickness, this agony
Oceans, ashes and a young man’s tears
This sting of a crushed heart
The red pain, heat rising to pump into
The face, we know now that this is all

The end complete, doctrine
Why can’t we control all this
Take us back to the orchard, we long
For our idyllic summer
Reclaim the innocence
Sweetheart, the apple cuts far clearer now

For her life
For our lives
For all that we have known

For her, for life
For all this
This jaded desire


Lyrics to Mera by Through Autumn We Bled

So here I am just standing
Screaming I love you as my lungs bleed dry
My cracked lips coated with a thin residue
Of regret that’s just a little too tough to shake

Death nears, but all my fears
Seem so misplaced now
I regret
In the light of revelation
In the halogen glare
I regret

These hardened veins are being torn up by you
Oh bleeding redeemer
Those tears in your eyes taste of my failures
And flood to fill the cup

The Last Word

Every last word, memorised, wrote down
Sanitised, justified, time and time again
It runs through my mind until every thought
Every hope has been exhausted
Until the burn of passion, the flame of hope
Is extinguished and buried beneath six foot of shit and snow

I know that these games you play
Were never meant to have a winner
Let alone a contestant but i’m deep
In this maze and I need a fucking rope
So throw me one and I’ll climb out or hang myself
Whatever’s easier for you, to sit on your conscience

Its already been said and done, all of this
A thousand fucking times before
But never for me, it’s all so tired but it’s new
What do you want, and why will I never get to know
How the sorrow in your eyes isn’t for sharing
No comfort in misery, loneliness loves singularity

I can’t change to make this right
If I never know whats wrong and how
I can be any kind of help then maybe its best
You put me out of the picture

Filling A Much Needed Gap

The day will come when all you know
Starts to crumble, crash and fall
You’ll crawl towards the door, the escape
To find it shut, locked and welded

The night rolls in and you shan’t see the dawn
Your day will break, with no light
But the flickering, buzzing white
And no sound but the groans of the broken

If science falls then what will we have
But superstition and inquisitions
Genocide, suicide and no right to die
But at their hands and bear their lies

How is this even a question?
When we know all of the answers
Unweave the rainbow, feel the beauty
Of knowing and never bowing

Empty skies, blinded eyes
No architect, no craftsman to create, to control
To wield the doors, to build the walls
To kick you to the floor

Dear Departed

Dear departed, we’ll meet this
With our hands behind our backs
Blindfolded, bound and gagged
Let them never say it isn’t so

Bended knees and broken legs
Cracked hips and shins screaming
For splints and safety
Choking on mud, a filthy final breath

We were always here, we were always trying
We held them off for far too long
Felt fear beyond fear and the weakness
And beauty of humanity

And the storm will break, and the clouds will part
They will never know, they will never ask
But we were always here

Here Stands Beauty

Here stands beauty, with ebbing strength

Before the walls, beneath their towers

It’s better to turn and run

To live to fight another day


And as I hold onto the cracks in my soul

As I cling to the only safety I know

My hands clench my convictions

As the skin rips and falls from my fists


They surge forth, they surge on

With emptiness ringing through their ears

They seize at the beauty, at the hope

That lies behind conviction, that lives in solitude


Heroine, a tragedy, a tragic hero, lonely

Weaving, dancing, slaying, she’ll be forever

Maiming, a swathe through the winter palace

Empty halls, reddened walls and dead eyes


Looking up, I look at her, I know

Drowning beneath three feet of ice

Is everything she could ever wish for

Running, coursing, fleeing, dead in the snow


In our search for perfect bodies
We forget the, things that make us real
It’s not the soul divine, or a spirit
There’s no ghost in this machine

Through the wastes and the ravages of the flesh
I’ll endure this but be battered all the same
And some dark day long from now I’ll lay down
The tatters of this shell

Everything will rot and ruin but words, words never fade
So i’ll leave this earth as worm meat, just a footnote in the tome of history
If these words, these screams, ever reach you then you’ll know why
And what I laboured for

You hold my legacy, but my body, no, you can’t hold me
I’m gone and all this is over but hear me and know these dreams
Not ghost, nor machine baby but i’m timeless, I live through these words

This is all you’ve got of me, but, know me
Your skin, your greenish eyes and your memories
Like your hairline, like your blood type
Are mine, were mine, and I love you