I Am Shazzamo

Lyrics to I Am Shazzamo by The Fall Of Science

There’s nothing left to say
Except the obvious, the empty
The erudite one lies and squirms

We’re searching, we’re hoping
For something to save us
There’s still nothing left

As the truth has been revealed
And the tables have been turned
This distance brings me falling to my knees again

When elegy becomes memory
Shazzamo, they’ll never know

We’re becoming sentient
Soulless machines; breathing, bleeding
Knee deep in apathy

As the truth has been revealed
And the tables have been turned
This distance brings me falling to my knees again

If it makes you smile, I would say these words to you
And if it makes you smile, I would end this life tonight

Hey emptiness, this is our salute
To every breath, to every tear
You made it real;
The beauty of loving you

You don’t have to suffer,
You don’t have to see this to the end


Lyrics to Ethereal by The Fall Of Science

So hold tight baby
And you’ve never been so quiet
Yours was the loudest voice at her funeral
You’ve never been this quiet

I’ve tried so many times
And failed to make you see
But I’ll be here, emptying my lungs
Until I cease to breathe

You can’t be true to me
And you’re looking at me trying
To show me sorrow
And I can’t breathe
And I cannot breathe

When every word you uttered
Stands to be a fragile lie
Then the people left behind
Will finally bare their teeth

For this life we lead through
Disbelief I will crown you the pointless fool

I guess something had to shake you to the core
Something had to squeeze a tear
From those turquoise eyes

No you can’t be true to me
And you’re looking at me trying
To show me sorrow
And I can’t breathe
And I cannot breathe

A Natural End

A natural death
Yet all death is natural
A beginning must have an end
The cessation of life

But it hurts
It’s agony, it’s raw
Retching and choking on emotion
If tears were claret
You’d bleed out

Expensive too
When my day comes
Give me five more decades
When my day comes then

Bury me in a box
I’d like to leave you with more
Than my cynicism
Try to read

Something cheerful
No dirge, no shit like this
Something light, but no Blake
Wordsworth perhaps or even Poe

I’ll put the fun in funeral
So dance the dance of death and
Get ripped, pissed drunk on some
Strong scrumpy for this country boy

Where Astronauts Unwind

I met her writing meta
Fiction, carefree in a cafe
Silent for a second, bar the tipper
Tapping of the spacebar

Her eyes met mine, glanced
Down then roved back and locked
On as the caps lock engaged
And screamed out HE HELD HER TIGHT

Release, lift your finger, and he released her
As she realised there was much more involved
Than the friendly smile had first suggested
It was steamy on the page and
Paige wiped steam from her glasses on the hem of her skirt

Dripping wet, drip, drop
Was that too much
Perhaps she’s cold and resistant at first
The mug was cold too, a top up please
Hot and white, just the way I like it
The meaningful look across the tables

Too much, yes, far too much
The waitress sighs but Paige chuckles
Then returns to the tipper tapping of the spacebar
As I take the space beside her

The Descent

This started as a whisper
Yet the truth will out
And even the smallest spark
Can ignite

Tinder, kindling and
A whole lot of conjecture
The flickering flame grows to an inferno
A crescendo, screaming to be heard
Above the din of what we just desire to be true

Repress it, suppress it
Sir, press it down harder or else it will
Wriggle free and wreak havoc on your bliss
Blissful ignorance when illusions are an illness
Take reality as a medicine, choke and cough it down

You can deny it all you want but
Let’s face it, facing the music has
Always been a sick thrill to you
Those beautiful faces, take it all in

As you stand before you, your shadow
Weighs heavier than your heart
But grin and bear it, bare your soul
If it ever existed or ever will

Those faces, so familiar yet
One degree removed, still they
Hold the grooves and creases of your own
The dilution is their greatest strength

They won’t understand it at the time
But when they hear those words tumble from
Your busy lips
They’ll be grateful that their
Descendents will only feel
An eighth of your stinking claret smuggling into their hearts


Maybe next year senorita
Take a breath and slow down
Don’t rush, time is short
But you don’t want another
Panic attack

Diagnosed and dedicated to
Taking care of what ails you
Yet there’s no cure for the human condition
Misanthropy and misery
Paint that smile on

Run on, run along
Pound the pavement
Feet hot against the tarmac
Wind in your hair, sun on your back
Your nipples chafing against your shirt

It’s bad for your knees, everything is bad for something
Stand and fight and fall and die
At the end of the day and the start of the night
There is really only one certainty in life

We’re hot on our forebears forepaws
But they had four paws and lived on the forest floor
Are we any better or any worse
Improvise, adapt and overcome

But we can’t defeat death
We just see it coming
Is it really better to know
Or is sentience just our sentence
Penance for pissing on the pyre of progess


It’s quiet now
Deadly still
It’s always so cold in Suffolk

Even a fiery heart couldn’t heat things
Up and she’s not yours anymore
Was she ever?
None of your concern

She’s happy now
Look into her eyes
Or don’t, I guess that you
Can’t make it out in her
Low res photos

But she’s happy now
Happier than I can remember
When you both sat here in the
Kitchen six months ago

So keep telling her about Sweden
I’m sure it would be a romantic break
If you were together
But she’s happy now

The sun’s kinda low today
Dontcha think? The frost
Is pretty thick
I guess you’ll be taking this walk alone

Breathe It In

So let’s put some scores on the doors
As this whore’s on the floor
And we’re finding this all
Far too familiar

So take a deep breath and
Dive in, fall in, collapse to your knees
Or tip your toes, trace them against
The bottom, scrape the enamel with a nail

Then bounce back and come up for air
Breathe it in, take it down
Cheap perfume and chlorine
Chalk this one down to experience

Or a learning curve
Just as she learnt of the power of hers
We all surface and lay down
Colder than before, yet far wiser

Who’s keeping track, who knows the drill
The march, slow and steady,
Regimented and relentless
Towards the climactic finish

And we all know now that we’re just
Pieces of dressed up meat
Sweet sacks of skin
Tossed idly over white bone

Breast stroke, back stroke
Keep your hands to yourself
The water really opens up here
The currents could pull you down

Dry yourself down and get dressed
Nobody drowns on my watch


He’s not there
But was he ever
Briefly, yes but flickering
Phasing, fading, trickling

Passing out of existence
And then back into a stupor
Ghostlike, his empty soul
Echoes in the gloom

A husk, a shell
We know that he’s
Just barely breathing but
Far from alive or well

Is this a little too close for comfort
Too close to home, are the
Manacles rattling against the oaken door
Be gone, be cast out, step back

From the looking glass
The sand runs from the hour glass
Peer through it as it darkens and
Like your fucking life.

An Elegy For Mortality

Stand up and be counted
Or crouch down, on all fours
And skulk, slink, slide away
It’s better to live on your paws
Than die in any shape or form

Bipedal or quadrupedal, it
Matters not, we all fall and
Rot the same way, like pears
Tossed from the tree to the ground
Far too early, and food for the ants

What would you do with ten more years
What have you done with the last ten
The same shit on distant days
A memory haze
Drip, drop, through the catheter

So, all’s quiet on your front
Or is it louder than a thousand suns
And brighter than a bomb blast
Call it what you will, a day is a day
Is a day, forms a year

Sit down and drink this, comfortably numb
Like your knees and forepaws
Dose yourself, dope yourself
And face another day