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Swannui And Cygnus (July 2013) and Be All; End All (February 2014)

I have self published two collections of poetry. They are available from the following stockists for £4 each:

Beccles Books

Beccles Library

Bungay Library

Halesworth Library

Lowestoft Library


Alternatively the books can be mailed within the UK for £4 each plus £1 postage (UK mainland only). Payment should be sent via Paypal to ensuring that delivery address and any necessary information is included.

Well, that was very business like. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll post some more nonsense about cat poop soon enough.

December Update

Good evening everyone.
Just a quick update to apologise for the lack of posts lately. At this time of year it can be difficult to find the time to just sit and write. I guess i’m quite content in life at the moment too and satisfaction is the death of desire.

Swannui and Cygnus (for sale in bookshops in Beccles) featured 23 poems, a compendium spanning several years. There were poems which I had written aged 16, sat in class in sixth form, procrastinating in an English lesson. There were poems i had written just weeks or even days before (Meander was written as i was formatting the PDF). A 9 year selection of poetry can show an evolution but also can seem muddied and inconsistent.

I’ve now written 21 poems towards my second book. My second collection will feature 25 poems, all written since the release of Swannui and Cygnus earlier this year. It will be considerably longer, deeper and perhaps less conventional than my earlier work; often Swannui and Cygnus poems bore the mark of the eager university student seeking his tutor’s approval. I shall try to release the second book early next year, for myself if for noone else. I need to write parts 2 and 3 of The Merfoxiad and a couple more.

I’m sure i’ll write a long background post about The Merfoxiad soon enough but for now check out parts 1 and 4 under the New Poems tab of this site.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. I mean that, really thank you for reading any of my work. It is great that you took the time. Far too many apathetic people.

How are you guys all doing?

Rave reviews for Swannui and Cygnus

Just over a month has passed since the release of my debut book Swannui and Cygnus. Here is a selection of reviews

“Oooh he’s very talented” – my mum’s mate, to my mum

“Its a bit deep for me, i didn’t really understand but its very good” – my mum’s workmate

“Quality little reference to Fistful of Colours in there” – my brother

and finally this ringing endorsement:

My dad’s colleague: “It’s very deep and wordy”

Dad “Ah, well it’s nice you bought it”

Colleague “Oh, no i just had a flick through in the shop”

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Swannui and Cygnus Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon for perhaps an hour!

Top seller

So this happened today at around 11am GMT. No idea if it’s still hanging in there or for how long. Yeah, I appreciate that it’s calculated hourly and it’s probably just because a handful of people bought my book at 11am on a thursday morning. Also, I accept that Swannui and Cygnus isn’t love poetry BUT this just made my day!

To buy your copy for 77p