After a week away in beautiful 30 degree heat, drinking ten generously mixed cocktails on the quiet days and eating two full plates of meat and cheese for each meal, I’m back from Paphos, Cyprus.
It was all for my friend’s wedding and the day went very smoothly, you wouldn’t be risking sunburn if you had an outdoor ceremony and after party in England at this time of year.

Morning sunshine
Morning sunshine

I last visited cyprus when i was about twelve and i saw quite a few old sights this time round that stirred my memories. I was mostly impressed by how relaxed and friendly people are. The history as a British colony is still prominent once you scratch under the surface and this influence is equally comforting and disappointing. With all the expats, British stores, restaurants, pubs and customs such as driving on the left, it can be a little too familiar when you’re trying to get away from it all but i guess thats a lot better than a hostile or alien place. I guess i mean that it just feels a little bit like a little britain with scorching sunshine and friendli…hang on, why am I complaining?!

Table decoration
Table decoration

Highlights, other than the gorgeous ceremony,

Segway tour
Segway tour

Segway tours (I have no idea how that nobhead Piers Morgan toppled one over)

I am a plant
I am a plant

Hundreds of rather cuddly fleabag street cats

Top Gun
Top Gun

‘Ray Bans’ that cost less than my suncream


The grim monolithic sight of the tanker that ran aground in Paphos bay nearly fifteen years ago.

This ain't Lowestoft
This ain’t Lowestoft

After all the sun, free drinks and reunion with university friends it’s now back to the good old British weather.


We see the same sky
You and I
Watching as the horizon
Blends with warm ocean
And aren’t you glad you’re laying here

That tanker out there
What do you think they’re
Thinking when they sit there
Watching and waiting for a call
To come to shore

Why do you think I care
She said as she traced a thin line of
Sand across
Her belly button
Idly caressing and eyes on skies
Distant, daring and blinking blue
Behind Ray Bans that could define my life
I breathed deeply and furrowed forth

If life is a game
Are you winning or losing
I asked her
She sniffed and drew her arms around
Her knees
Poised, taut and drawing it out
I’m playing and that’s better than most

She left to the right
My feet dug in the sand
By the shore
With the sun and the sea and the scene
Still the tanker sat motionless
So here I lie with my eyes on empty skies


It’s funny how things work out
She offered as her lips delicately traced
The long edge of the thin paper
And soft fingers rolled it expertly into a small stick

Chapped lips and yellowed teeth
Teasing, tasting the words more than the nicotine
Watchful eyes wandering across my care – etched
Face, faltering as I stuttered and stammered what

Little I could, blinking blindly into the sunrise with my
Legs dangling limply over the seawall
Struggling to process
She noticed the blink

It’s kinda bright here, dontcha think
Should we walk or stay sat here
Politeness, a kindness
Sincere, no veneer
But it mattered not

Who is it, what is it
There’s no-one, it’s nothing
But that’s kinda the point
We both knew there was a shelf life
To love life, an expiry to the perspiring
The sweat drenched wild nights

When they’ve come and gone
And seen their best days fade
Frankly, it’s, well not a drag
She took a drag of the fag
Breathed in, drew down
But time waits for no-one
Not us

And what have we got
Some laughter, some banter
And that’s just our lot
It’s not you or me
It’s us
Right here
Just doesn’t do either of us any favours
When neither is each other’s
Flavour of the month

She turned to me
With eyes black as jet
Soft lips formed a final word

A Moment

Last night I stood by the moonlit sea and was struck dumb by the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I took no photos as my camera phone would not do it justice. I didn’t look at my phone so as to avoid distractions. I stood stock still in wonder as tears rose to wet my eyes and breathed the cold coastal air, heavily laced with the ecstasy of life.