The Merfoxiad III: Tails of Vulpine Vicissitude

The date, a day
The day of her birth
How and why and how did he know
What did it mean and what had she just seen
Lurking, skulking, peering between tomes
She caught his gaze and he sidled out

The girls interest piqued, forehead burning
Lips loose and inquiring, demanding
Answers for riddles and lockets
Seraca’s hazy hazel eyes burnt right through their sockets

The old man sat down and sighed deep
You’re not the first one with this secret to keep
What you see, I have seen
A long time ago, when these bones didn’t ache
And this mind was as sharp as the tips of his claws
I banished the dreams and the scenes when I banished the beast
Five decades ago

Calamity, Charybdis, Leviathan, Kraken,
Cataclysm, Scourge
By many names he’s known, by people
Long dead, who sat atop long crumbled thrones
A weapon, the trident of Poseidon has lived long and ended many
In Rome, Constantinople, the fall of Tripoli, he fought Gilgamesh
He was there, watching, waiting, annihilating
The legend of vulpine destruction, mutilated flesh and form

With a single purpose and drive to kill
Sent forth by a god forgotten, with a grudge
and a vengeance like none we have known
Where is atlantis now, they couldn’t survive the furry death
Yet I did

A child, like you, a long time ago
Though mere seconds in a tale of tails
That spans millennia
Every night I slept in sweat and blood
Waking, screaming since I was young

Until my twentieth year
Whats that you say,
I struggle to hear
Ah yes, the dreams became waking
Walking nightmares, all day
Visions, warnings, that foretold
That the things I had seen were real
If I just read the signs
They showed me the way

Chosen to stop the beast from beneath
A skinny boy with a flop of blonde hair
To stand against the end of an era
The extinction of a race
One day, awake and asleep
Walking in dreams, I came to by the seaside with a sword in my hand
The beach deserted, the clouds darkened, day dimmed to dull light
It crawled, it came, it screamed, screeched from the sea
The beginning and the end
Perfect form of furs and clawed paws, surged through the brine
Intent on the end of all life

The sword struck deep and dug in right through it’s neck
The flesh, the blood
The scream from beyond, it split, it shrieked
The earth shuddered, cracked, trembled beneath us
An incandescent light pierced my eyes
The beast was gone, the great Merfox
And so was the sword
I came to with a locket round my neck

I kept it close, held it tight all these years
Never heard again, dreamt again of the beast
Those dark dreams
Until one night I awoke drenched in blood and sweat
And yet, I expected it
My fingers gripped round the locket
What else happened, Dear, on the night of
The twenty third of March, nineteen eighty six

Seraca ran her fingers through her fine curls
I was born, she whispered

So, they created it
Recreated it, mutilated it
Brought it back from death to bring death
Playing god with the spawn of a god
It returns and it is all their fault
The cult of the fox have reopened Pandora’s box

I was born, she whispered
Then, firmly, I will win
Let’s reach the beach before it’s breach



Part celebration
Part separation of church and state
And what a state you’re in
Yet you’re in urine again, drenched
Playing one more role

And rock back and forth
Fifth fist raised in her honour
Yet grace is too far gone to be saved
Any more
Takers, callers, claimants

For this rusted old throne
Decaying and declining like all the long
Forgotten empires, not Rome, not Byzantium
But all those places

That crumbled and collapsed into dust
Long before they could write a legacy
A mere footnote in some left handed
Scrawl, loose, lost and faded
Like beauty, like hope

Pinned up, perfect on the wall
Perhaps existence makes perfection
Or tarnishes it with all the silt and shit
That this life has to offer

So fall down to your knees and wash
Yourself clean, subservient, obedient
As the crown and the gown are passed along
And you’re passed by once again

If petty is as petty does then
Pretty soon you’ll find all of us
Watching, poking, idly provoking
With a short, sharp stick to prod

Part celebration, part mutilation
Learn your place in this state of flux
The body politic and the mind made for war
Leviticus, leviathan, learn your lessons

Bleach your blood blue and bow until
Your knees wear through those thin clothes
You’ll fit in once it is fitting and
Not a day sooner, son