Sand In The Hourglass

And they’l say keep on running and don’t look back

Because there’s no going back, everythings changed and you’re

Just a part of the past, you’re not the only one


And i would spend so long looking for some answers

That you would come and go without me clocking it

And by the time i reached thirty i’d over-analysed

Every little thing to the point that, i’d gone over

The answer a hundred times and let it slip by


You can’t hold onto life if you’re left on

The sidelines searching for the reasons

To this, that and why, because time

Waits for no man, so it’s about time

You worked it out


I looked into your blue eyes and saw

Something so wonderous it woke me up

Drink it in son, for you only get one chance and

You’d better be sure she’s the one and don’t

Fuck it up this time, cos you haven’t got the same looks

You relied on


Ten years ago and boyish charm doesn’t stretch into your

Middle age, so i came home and found that beauty still

Shone brightly but something had changed, dulled, and those

Eyes were outshone by the amethyst on your finger


Don’t look back son, keep on walking, those

Legs tire too quick from running, you’re just part of the past


And you’re not the only, not the only one

But you’re far too cold to see it