A Far Fairer Fight

I still feel the floor
Where I lay that night
Cold, hard
Yet far safer and more secure

Than I’d felt before
Or ever felt since
Rock and roll
Over, back and forth

Cradle yourself, hold it in
Your back in your hands
You’re back, you’re back
And holding on

And every muscle aches
Strains, bleeds for the shelter
Of a timber plank
Coarse and ruddy

Chafes the flesh and chills to the bone
You don’t need bones where you’re going
None of us do
You’ll need eyes and a heart and much thicker skin

We’re all growing tired and drawn out
Hung, quartered and stretched so thin
By this rat race life
That rodents could take us out in any fair fight

They’re smart
Those little furry fellas
With big ears and whiskers and
No free will

We’re the sentient ones and we’re doing the
Shit we resent, day in, day out
So ask yourself, who really wins the cheese
When all is said, squeaked and done