Wake Up, Breathe

If glass hearts shatter and
Scatter, cascading rippling rays of red light
We’ll still have these to hold onto
These memories, this night

In our convalescence we taste the essence
Succulent and distilled
Into something purer;
In essence and in a sense

It is more and less than either of us
Could hope for and far rarer
And longer living than long nights
Between sweat stained sheets

Wrestling with the wonder of
Who, what, where, when and why me
Wallowing in regret and banking on

The misery of waking up alone and
Longing, lusting for a catheter
Shot full of ecstatic adrenaline
That drips out and dissipates

Far quicker than they ever said that
It would or that it could or
That ever happened in any picture
Pasted up on the screen, screaming

Loudly that waking the neighbours is
What we should all aim for
Maybe they’re wrong
I’d trade it all for a quiet life

And consistent company with someone
Who constantly leaves me breathless
Dewy eyed with wide irises
And that little skipping somersault
In my stomach

In moonlight and beneath skies
Where stars shiner brighter than you’ve
Noticed before yet sit dulled by
The defiance of the silent shout of the
Beauty that stands before you