MTG Deck Feature: Soldiers

Colours: White
Theme: Soldier creatures
Category: Weenie rush
Win condition: Overwhelming assault from buffed creatures
Deck list:


4x Champion Of The Parish
4x Soul Warden
4x Ballyrush Banneret
4x Adaptive Automaton
4x Crusader Of Odric
4x Field Marshal
4x Preeminent Captain
4x Veteran Armorsmith
4x Captain Of The Watch


2x Brave The Elements
4x Honor Of The Pure


18x Plains

This was the first deck which I thoroughly planned after my return to playing Magic in October 2011. The initial intent behind this was to use Preeminent Captain to “cheat out” Captain Of The Watch and her tokens as part of a 4th turn charge. This 4th turn attack is meant to be the killing blow on an already bewildered foe. This strategy, of attacking with Preeminent Captain and 3 or 4 other soldiers to win in turn 4, is fairly solid. That is to say that if I have drawn Preeminent Captain and Captain Of The Watch the deck will usually win.
Soldiers has evolved slowly and gradually over the past 18 months with newer cards such as Crusader Of Odric slipping in and replacing Veteran Armorsmith among others. I’ve played it against a wide variety of decks and assessed the strength and weakness of it. Against any other type of creature based deck except for Elf tribal, Soldiers ransack and run riot. The attacks in turn 2 and 3 usually clear out the early threats and blockers, especially if Field Marshal is imbuing all with First Strike. Attacking in turn 4 usually sees four 5/4 or higher First Strikes shrieking in, only for a Captain Of The Watch or Crusader of Odric to join the fray at the last moment. Players who survive the turn 4 attack tend to ask “what life are you on”, to which I reply “well, because of the Soul Warden…” and then ask how many creatures I can attack with in the next combat, which is usually 9 or 10. They then scoop. Tricksy decks such as those based around Izzet Staticaster and Guttersnipe tend to have the upper hand over this particular weenie rush deck as momentum is key to Soldiers and taking out a buffing lord can ensure survival after I’ve emptied my hand, by which time the board position has been lost and victory is impossible.

This is the first in a series of articles discussing Magic The Gathering Modern decks.
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