Tone and Timbre

I need someone to help me to forget her
Name, her voice, her eyes, that face
Hell, it’s not that bad, thanks for the memories
Something for the cold nights
And yet, it’s the memories that burn darker
Than fears and nightmares
That scar and seep into my waking mind
Warping and judging, placing such weight
On the tone and timbre of her voice
Her inflection, and jokes don’t carry as well
When you break them down for meaning
She’s an addiction and in the deepest throes
The worst part of all of it is
Everytime I speak to her I write a fucking sonnet

Keep Left

Racehorse can’t race a course backward
Ever seen a horse act awkward?
I grip on and work with your words
But they can’t sate me, can’t hold me

Loving you is like cutting glass
The sparks and lights are blinding
But make a mistake and you’re sliced in half

The vodka and pills numb the razor
So you can’t feel it
But I can, and I don’t know
How much more patience I have for this game

If death cures the disease
Known as life then what is this
Is your hollow gift a prize or punishment
Coldly, I ask myself should we cherish death

As my arms grow stronger they embrace
The rose you left wilting on my chest
The beat, the tremor, silenced as you draw closer
As life draws close to it’s end

It’ll make your heart beat that little bit faster
It’ll make your blood run that little bit colder
Keep left, keep it going long down the line
The blood runs thinner this time

Awaken and hold this flower
Cast out and cast down, hollowed out
And unhallowed, falling further from grace
But closer to the core of your self

Come round and scream
Confused, retching, like this is
New, the first time you’ve felt this way
I’m tired, i’m done, are you?