April Update


Conflagration is now on sale at Beccles Books, Halesworth Library and Lowestoft Library for £4.

Daniel Brunsdon complete
Daniel Brunsdon complete

Each of these retailers now stocks the full selection of my work. £1 from the sale of every book sold at the libraries goes to a good cause.

Swannui and Cygnus just £2
Swannui and Cygnus just £2

And finally, Swannui and Cygnus is now just £2 at both Halesworth and Lowestoft Libraries.

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All books are also available via post within the UK and worldwide on Kindle.

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Swannui and Cygnus Be All; End All The Merfoxiad
Swannui and Cygnus
Be All; End All
The Merfoxiad

My three poetry books are on sale at Beccles Books, Halesworth Library and Lowestoft Library. They are £4 each. They make a great, unique christmas present and help to support independent, self published, creative arts.

June Update

I self published two books in the last year, two collections of poetry. Swannui and Cygnus was a huge learning experience in terms of what it takes to produce a book. Advertising was difficult and actually getting local businesses to sell or even put a poster in their window was both embarrassing and frustrating.

My business model of selling the book for £4, £3 of which would go to myself and £1 would go to the store, seemed reasonable to me. I didn’t ask for stores to buy up stock. With my model they earn a few quid and look good by promoting local endeavors. Despite this I was told quite a few times that “poetry doesn’t sell” and that “we need the space”, which apparently meant that a 210mm x 148mm book would crowd the place out. The town council office even told me that they wouldn’t put up my small poster as they don’t advertise businesses, despite the massive garish poster advertising a carnival 20 miles away. The staff seemed to take issue when I pointed out the irony of this.

In spite of this I managed to get my press release into a couple of local papers (of the 6 I messaged, 2 used the article and 4 entirely ignored my email). It was all a little disheartening but I sold 30% of my stock and took the whole thing as a learning experience. It was my first book and many of the hurdles I had overcame would serve me well when releasing a further one.

With that in mind, at the end of last year I released my second collection; Be All; End All. This time, I only ordered half the quantity of Swannui and Cygnus. I promoted it across my Facebook, Twitter and on here. I went around with posters to every local book shop I could think of. Across five towns I only managed to convince the public libraries of each to stock it (the library of my hometown, Beccles, even returned the books to me).

Other interesting comments I had this time round included

“Frankly, it won’t sell at all so I’d rather not”

“The trustees don’t want any clutter”


“Is it about Norwich, are the poems about the area?” to which I replied that, as a resident of the area, there is no doubt that the location has influenced me. Apparently that wasn’t enough. So for Hell Yeah; Part Three I will produce an alternate version with every third word replaced by “Norfolk” “Suffolk” “Norwich” or “Waveney”.

I appreciate  thatthis can all sound a little despondent. I guess it is. Staying positive can be tough sometimes.

I received an email today

I received the following today from a local library. I was alarmed by two things; the support I have received and the understanding of passages of times (Swannui and Cygnus released 11 months ago, Be All, End All released 4 months ago). This fundamental lack of coherence of time worries me deeply, how on earth do these people determine late fees?!

Hi Daniel


Hope you are keeping well.

We have had your books Swanui and Cygnus and Be All; End All on display for sometime now and haven’t sold any in over a year. It’s always good to promote new authors and we would be happy to try any further publications you have, but feel that these have run their course with us.

If you would like to call in to the library to collect the remaining books, 14 in total, they are on the hold shelf at the enquiry desk.

Many thanks for supplying these to us and look forward to working with you again.




Kerry *****

Enquiry Officer

Beccles Library

Books On Sale

Front preview wpid-baea_web_ready.jpg
Swannui And Cygnus (July 2013) and Be All; End All (February 2014)

I have self published two collections of poetry. They are available from the following stockists for £4 each:

Beccles Books

Beccles Library

Bungay Library

Halesworth Library

Lowestoft Library


Alternatively the books can be mailed within the UK for £4 each plus £1 postage (UK mainland only). Payment should be sent via Paypal to thefallofscience@live.co.uk ensuring that delivery address and any necessary information is included.

Well, that was very business like. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll post some more nonsense about cat poop soon enough.

Swannui and Cygnus: August Update

Front preview

Just a quick update on the progress of my debut book. Early sales have been promising and consistent. I’m pleased to announce two new stockists. Three weeks after release there are now three brick and mortar stockists, Kindle store and mail order. Both Beccles Public Library and independent craft store Number 21a have joined the superb Beccles Books. So pick up your copy now.

Beccles Books
Number 21a
Beccles Public Library

Kindle (just 77p):