I’m now in Cyprus. It is 22 centigrade and 11pm here. The weather at home in England is “utter shite” (not a BBC report).
The all inclusive free lager tastes like piss, even by lager standards (i’m a real ale man) but the “gin fizz” is amazing.

More poems soon but now, now I chill.

Dave’s Insanity Sauce

I’m a hot sauce kinda guy. I chew bird eye peppers and eat handfuls of jalapenos. I pour scotch bonnet sauce on everything (including breakfast peanut butter sandwich). I ask the waiters at Indian restaurants to “kick it up past Vindaloo” and the dudes come out of the kitchen to giggle at the big white fool. But there is something…special…about Dave’s Insanity Sauce. More than a drop is the equivalent of eating a whole packet of laxatives and half a dozen lit matches. I am currently frying inside, and kinda loving it!