Agnostic, maybe a touch poetic
Fuck etiquette, we’re deaf
Dumb and here again

This is like a disease
I bleed for you, scream for you
Yet you don’t care
Why won’t you listen
This is all I have to give, hold me

It never clots, always flows
How many times must I touch the steel
Behind your eyes, the cold
Inside it stings

I loved you, why won’t you care
Fucking haemophilia
I’m drained here

All I ever loved in this world
Has been stripped away
We return to what we have left
Empty hearts and broken dreams

When will we make you see?
That this is all we have
Our clandestine kisses
And teased lips
My back is tensed and still
It tears in again, flesh and sinew
Sliced, by contempt in your tongue

It’s all a bit much
And I’d rather not know
Your reasons, just go