Books On Sale

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Swannui And Cygnus (July 2013) and Be All; End All (February 2014)

I have self published two collections of poetry. They are available from the following stockists for £4 each:

Beccles Books

Beccles Library

Bungay Library

Halesworth Library

Lowestoft Library


Alternatively the books can be mailed within the UK for £4 each plus £1 postage (UK mainland only). Payment should be sent via Paypal to ensuring that delivery address and any necessary information is included.

Well, that was very business like. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll post some more nonsense about cat poop soon enough.

January Update: Book Release and more

In July 2013 I released a collection of my poetry. Entitled “Swannui and Cygnus”, a play on words which only I got/found amusing, the book was a compilation of all the poems that I had written up to that point. There were early stream of consciousness experiments I had written in Sixth Form, heavily formulaic works from my University days and even some that I had written in the month and week before the release. The poems spanned a good 8 or so years. They were varied both thematically and stylistically but I was happy with the book and I knew that the content needed to be released in physical form.
Since July I have written a further 23 poems. They will be released early February as “Be All, End All”. The book is longer, more focused, more mature and more consistent. I shall attempt to distribute in the local towns of Halesworth and Bungay as well as Beccles but shop owners can be reticent to stock independent releases.
The four part epic poem “The Merfoxiad” will not feature in “Be All, End All” but will instead be released on it’s own later in the year.

Finally, you may have noticed that I now have a second blog:

“Maze’s End is a weekly club event for collectible card gamers, war gamers, board gamers…all gamers!
Come along and play Magic The Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, Yu-Gi Oh, Pokemon, Warhammer 40,000 or bring along any board game for multiplayer fun.
Our experienced and friendly staff can offer beginner’s tutoring for Magic The Gathering, or help with deckbuilding tips.
In our relaxed atmosphere you can join like-minded gamers and meet new people.
Whether a novice player or a tournament pro, we aim to provide something for everyone.”

I’m a Magic The Gathering enthusiast and I will be using that site to promote my gaming club in Beccles, Suffolk and to write regular articles about Magic and gaming in general.