Stupid Kitty

On my drive into work this morning I witnessed a peculiar scene. Sat on a pavement there were two cats, one black tom, one ginger. They were sat perhaps a few inches apart, facing each other, with a relaxed and comfortable posture. Not squaring up to each other. As I watched, the ginger tom raised one paw with his claws retracted and bopped the black tom round the face, directly below the eye. The black tom didn’t even flinch, he just flickered his eyes at his companion and remained motionless.

Cats are bloody weird. They must have secret lives.

Take this photo for example.

Cat Mafia
Cat Mafia

I was walking back to my car in the dark and was just saying goodbye to my friend when a cat slunk slowly past, between us and went and sat on the garden wall behind. About 30 seconds later a second cat followed suite, then a third joined them on the wall. As I took this photo, a fourth feline was skulking along the wall to join them. There was clearly some orchestrated plan behind this, some organised meeting of grey cats on this wall, at this time of night. Though I wouldn’t even try to guess what it is they were doing. A mafia crime family meeting, the Duchia cats awaiting the Corvioli’s for a major sitdown concerning the catnip trade in the region?