Enter The Albatross

Innate fear of social change
Calm this hostility, we are here for love
Yet we need more than a heart
To sate the taste of a tapered candle
The wax on our skin, but we are here for love

Iron clad we walk our oceans
Set off the charge
Breach the hull, once more
For the kill, brine rushes in
A new home for your corpse
Sealed, now Utah screams for me
But the only hope I know
The only sign of safety, is your body
To lay within your arms
The beat of your lungs
Rattles my spine, this is love

Thesaurus, in the thorax
A bird overhead
Sense is an illusion
Coherent thought is overrated
A cliché, to allow interpretation
An inferno eviscerates the fear of our lust
But we no longer care
Your body, this is love


This Is Love

Sudden death syndrome
And there’s nothing left for you
I guess this is the hand you were played
Take it for what it is
Slide the leach against your teeth
It tastes like pain
Brewed in anguish
The life of a dead girl is
Worth nothing more
Than the sound of her eyes
As they snap shut

We killed her
She has fallen

But this is what you wanted?
Sin and death
I know you love this
Don’t pretend the leach wasn’t to your pallet

Displayed for emptiness
A vacuum of existentialism
But this is what you wanted?
This is love


To wander down steeple steps,

Beneath a blackened sky.

With book in hand and smoke twixt lips,

To taste that echoed scent.

To drink from flagons hung from hips.

I bound through grass unkept.


With enthuse lent from Bacchus,

And calmly drawing on my tobacco,

I sat a while in that cold field and studied prose and verse.

The world revolved as i filled my head

With Thermopylae and Troy in turn,

And through ancient tongues i did learn

More of life than e’er before i’d found

In testament, textbook or hymn.


As night drew in and i wrapped in

Little more than summer cloth

I closed my tomes and started out

Back onto darkened path.

I left behind the parkland and Thrace and ancient Greece

And out into the street i stumbled, mind filled with sentiment

And as i passed beggar, drunkard, hooker and thug.

In my heart i trembled and could not help but lament

The state of once verdant England and all we now know

Though through my eyes i’m sickened

In my mind i’m free, to read of work of freeing verse

Of Argos, Mars and Galilee.