The Merfoxiad. Out now.



Now in Halesworth Library and Beccles Books. Soon in Lowestoft Library.
My third book, The Merfoxiad, is a mock epic poem. It can be sampled here:

It can also be purchased directly from myself, if you comment below to express interest we can arrange delivery.

The Wii U: A fan boy’s perspective

Will McDaniel


Cards on the Table: I am quite the Nintendo fan boy. I love Nintendo. Always have.  However no matter how much I adore them I am still able to take a step back and view them objectively.

Adding a second card to my table of transparency; I will also admit that I own and love a Wii U. Love it like it were a rectangular plastic high glossed child of mine. In my opinion the console itself is great. Sure the processing power can’t match the other consoles in this new generation but the game pad opens up opportunities for original and fresh game play mechanics that limit stale reproductions of familiar titles. That’s not to say Nintendo doesn’t stick with its few tried and tested IPs, because it does, but the new iterations contain (or should contain) interesting new ideas and play styles.

However the console is dying. This…

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The Merfoxiad release

Following Swannui and Cygnus and Be All; End All comes The Merfoxiad
The Merfoxiad is a mock epic piece, a tongue-in-cheek playful narrative concerning an evil fox beast and the young girl destined to stop it.

The Merfoxiad goes on sale week commencing 24th November and is available to buy in Beccles from Beccles Books, from Halesworth Library and Lowestoft Library.

Cover art and release notes coming soon.

Due November 2014: The Merfoxiad

A Sea God Will Be God Once We Have Buried All The Rest

Those of you who follow my poetry will have noticed that, for a while now, I have been writing a series of narrative poems which have not featured in either of Swannui and Cygnus or Be All; End All.

This narrative poem is named The Merfoxiad. It is about an ancient mythical fox beast and the young girl destined to destroy it. I began writing the first part of The Merfoxiad around two years ago and have written further parts here and there over the course of those two years. Now, with the conclusive poem nearing completion, I can confidently announce that I will be self publishing The Merfoxiad in paperback and releasing it in November 2014.

The Merfoxiad is lighthearted and tongue in cheek, which perhaps could be expected from a poem about an aquatic killer fox.

The paperback release will be a limited run of around 30 copies, international postage and delivery is available. If you would like to register interest in an order then please write it in the comments section. I’ll even sign or write flattering lies in the front cover for you!


After a week away in beautiful 30 degree heat, drinking ten generously mixed cocktails on the quiet days and eating two full plates of meat and cheese for each meal, I’m back from Paphos, Cyprus.
It was all for my friend’s wedding and the day went very smoothly, you wouldn’t be risking sunburn if you had an outdoor ceremony and after party in England at this time of year.

Morning sunshine
Morning sunshine

I last visited cyprus when i was about twelve and i saw quite a few old sights this time round that stirred my memories. I was mostly impressed by how relaxed and friendly people are. The history as a British colony is still prominent once you scratch under the surface and this influence is equally comforting and disappointing. With all the expats, British stores, restaurants, pubs and customs such as driving on the left, it can be a little too familiar when you’re trying to get away from it all but i guess thats a lot better than a hostile or alien place. I guess i mean that it just feels a little bit like a little britain with scorching sunshine and friendli…hang on, why am I complaining?!

Table decoration
Table decoration

Highlights, other than the gorgeous ceremony,

Segway tour
Segway tour

Segway tours (I have no idea how that nobhead Piers Morgan toppled one over)

I am a plant
I am a plant

Hundreds of rather cuddly fleabag street cats

Top Gun
Top Gun

‘Ray Bans’ that cost less than my suncream


The grim monolithic sight of the tanker that ran aground in Paphos bay nearly fifteen years ago.

This ain't Lowestoft
This ain’t Lowestoft

After all the sun, free drinks and reunion with university friends it’s now back to the good old British weather.