Available on Kindle for $1.22

Ooooooh bargain.
Amazon store

UK link

My first collection of poetry, Swannui and Cygnus is available for just over a dollar on the Kindle store. I think that’s a pretty good price. Above is the UK link, below is the US link. To find Swannui and Cygnus in your region, just search the Kindle store.

US link

8 thoughts on “Available on Kindle for $1.22

    1. Hi Yoshiko, it just depends where you live. I’m in England so I use the UK store. I provided the link to the US store as my stats indicate that Americans account for nearly half my readership. Use your region specific Kindle store. Hope that helps. Thanks for your interest.

    1. Hi
      Each of my two collections has 23 poems in (my lucky number). This equates to over 40 pages of A5. Which I thought was a reasonable amount. My second book is longer than my first. Hopefully my third will be longer than the second. It’s kind of a stab in the dark but I felt comfortable releasing them at that length.

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