I had a 2 hour nap yesterday. I dreamt that I went back to University to do some random Batchelors. Because it was my second time, I just dug in, did my work and studied. Somehow, in quite the opposite fashion to my first go, I became incredibly popular; a walking party and social centre of the campus. I was dragged out to all the parties and clubs. I played football and American football. All the guys would namedrop me and people high fived me wherever I went. I had a huge smile on my face.
I woke up despondent and was grouchy for a couple hours after. I just sat here and remembered it all in vivid detail and felt quite sobered. It is odd to think that some people really do live that life; people are magnetically drawn to them and everything they do is worshipped.

5 thoughts on “Uni

  1. At the risk of sounding judgemental,I believe that the ones deemed ‘misfits’ in academic career have novelty to offer to the world and popularity is no certificate of your merits and character.So guess you have a lot to look forward to..

  2. Yes, but does anyone really live that life – outside films, ans of course dreams? I somehow doubt it.
    What I do like about yr dream is the lack of threat, that old shadow-buddy smirking at one’s fun. I’m very rarely free of him. Enjoy the dream for that, forget the rest: how you live is Your story.

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