Rough Mouth – Video

My first poetry reading video, for my poem Rough Mouth from my second poetry collection Be All; End All.

Filmed by my friend Will McD:

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6 thoughts on “Rough Mouth – Video

  1. Very good. I think this will be an excellent way of promoting your poetry. Just one thing – you might try speaking a little slower. It will feel much too slow to you but your listeners won’t think so. This is not a criticism at all – you have a good expressive way of reciting the poetry.

    1. i so agree with the above input. also, not everybody is of english background. for those a slower speech is more understandable and enjoyable – we are multicultural village now.

    2. Hey Clare.

      Yeah i didn’t want to put a long disclaiming apology in the description but I should have made it clear that it was my first time and shot in one take (though eagle eyes will spot the cut 1/3rd the way in where i turn the pages in the book). My friend shot and edited the whole thing for me for free at the end of a long comedy shoot (which i will link to as soon as its up) and i couldn’t really ask for him to painstaking chop and reshoot. There are a few words which i think get lost, mostly the alliteration, which is a shame as alliteration and wordplay are my favourite toys.

      I hope to film a few more soon and i’ll bear the pace of the delivery in mind.

      Thanks for watching!

      1. I really didn’t want you to think I was criticizing in a negative way. I think the way you filmed it was just right. Your poems are you and your voice and anything else on screen would distract from your words. This was a really good first attempt and I look forward to watching and listening to the next ones.

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