Guarding The Garden

This is a tale of another futile fight
When the memories fade and the glorious days
Seem bleaker, darker portraits in grey
We will never let go and never forget this

In distant days, capricious ways
Will hold you to every tenement, testament
Yet we move through struggle
And stand by convictions

You’re dancing now, under empty skies
Drinking gin in the kitchen and idly tracing the
Outline of your arm
With the bluntest of knives
Just thinking, wondering
When and what would happen
And who would care

So carry on guarding the garden
And keep the secrets safe
Hidden away from me, you
And anyone else as first light
Cascades through the foliage
Revealing true nature for the first and
Last time

This is all there is
You’re not the first or the last to hurt
To hold yourself in your arms
Aching, retching and sobbing
You wretched little thing

Drop the knife, draw the sword
Stand firm against the system
See it for what it is and will always be;
Another way to keep what is down, down

Regardless of what you and I
Say, see, do and create
Innovation will always be in ovation and enraptured
To those who wrote of rapture
And your prolificity is meaningless when
Nobody gives a shit

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