Everclear and tonic

Sat here sipping Everclear and tonic which my friend brought back from California. Quite sure that this 80% alcohol is illegal in UK.
Makes me ponder legality and contraband. It is just a stronger alcohol, why does a government believe it has the right to restrict it. Can we not just be responsible for ourselves?
This is a much larger topic than I have time for but, when I received my Everclear I noted the superior strength and so exercise caution, can’t we just give people a ‘heads up’ and then allow them to imbibe whatever they like?

4 thoughts on “Everclear and tonic

  1. Personal responsibility it´s what it comes down too at the end of the game. I hate it when people start pointing finger here or there or to society when they have a shitty life. If you have a shitty life in a western democracy more often than not is that you screwed up big, mad quite bad choices a long the line which choices turn into actions and there´s always a reaction.

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