I received an email today

I received the following today from a local library. I was alarmed by two things; the support I have received and the understanding of passages of times (Swannui and Cygnus released 11 months ago, Be All, End All released 4 months ago). This fundamental lack of coherence of time worries me deeply, how on earth do these people determine late fees?!

Hi Daniel


Hope you are keeping well.

We have had your books Swanui and Cygnus and Be All; End All on display for sometime now and haven’t sold any in over a year. It’s always good to promote new authors and we would be happy to try any further publications you have, but feel that these have run their course with us.

If you would like to call in to the library to collect the remaining books, 14 in total, they are on the hold shelf at the enquiry desk.

Many thanks for supplying these to us and look forward to working with you again.




Kerry *****

Enquiry Officer

Beccles Library

5 thoughts on “I received an email today

  1. Hey boss,

    It was a nice letter, she was kind, everything’s good…they probably don’t sell so well on the dusty shelf at reception.

    You have to do a ‘local poet reads his poems session’ and you will sell six or seven…don’t you think? Next time a bigger venue, you’ll sell twenty…and on. atb 🙂

  2. I agree, this is worrying. It is plain that they had made no record of when they received your books and to send you such an ignorant letter is really quite shocking. What do they mean by it!? I don’t suppose you look forward to working with them again! It is unfortunately also typical of libraries of today. Public libraries do not seem to be run for the local community anymore but by bureaucrats and accountants whose purpose appears to be to shut the library. If a book isn’t borrowed more than once or twice a year it is got rid of no matter how important a piece of literature it is. I would have thought they would have been glad to promote the work of a local poet and I’m sure they have the space on their shelves for a few of your poetry books. Did you see where they had your books on display? Had they brought the books to the public’s notice in any way? New poetry, like new classical music, takes time for people to become aware of it as you no doubt know. Have you thought of doing poetry readings? Some pubs are happy to do things like that every now and then. Also some churches and chapels would be happy to have you read your poems during fund-raising events. Schools and colleges may also help you though as you work full time this may not be so easy.
    Best wishes, Clare

    1. Thank you Clare. I think perhaps I shouldn’t have read that email whilst down the pub, five pints deep, as it ever so slightly exaggerated my feelings. However I am disappointed by it. People always say that nothing happens in the small towns around here, but when people try to accomplish something they receive no exposure or support. It frustrates me.

      1. I can understand that and sympathise with you. Think over the sugggestion I and your other reader made about poetry readings. They are quite good fun to do.

  3. Lack of marketing and advertising. That’s the bane of self-publishing authors. Is it possible for you to maybe hire a hall for a night of poetry reading? And have your books there for sale too? If you can get people to listen to your poems and they resonate, they will buy the book. Good luck!

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