The writing on the wall is running onto the street
Became the fifth raven, I’m widening into nothing
Taste human smoke as I draw near
Enter resurrector number nine
Call open season on thought crime

Oh Lord, I’m screaming, end this torment
As the shit fills my lungs, my skin is crawling
A litany of corruption, a written lie

There is no question, I held this cross far too long
Some things you’ll never know
A bend, a twist of the truth, dead, torn and far from rapture
Slowly tasting suicide, this corruption is a painting

Don’t stand so far from it, choking into life
You felt dead liars, you don’t smile
Wounds run deeper with each passing day
A bloody memory
You’re so shamed and I’m fucking cold

I run my fingers down my neck, this monster haunting you
Is but a taste of the hell you’ll meet after life
I guess you’re just another fucking whore
To Abaddon and the corporate lords

Tastes sicker than revelation, there is no pariah
But yourself, spiralling, ending this fucking life
You’re but an object in their game
You lick this dirty rotten flesh
And we all suffocate in our special way

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