A Sentimental Psyche

My main issue is that i long for something more. Life is mundane. I am an ordinary person and extraordinary things happen at most twice a year. I have found it very difficult to deal with this. It is part of the reason why i write, and read a lot of your poetry. To me that is what poetry is, an escape from the desperation of our miserable 9-5 lives. I wish that every day of my life was like the post “A Moment”, standing stock still in wonder with my breath stole from my aching lungs.

8 thoughts on “A Sentimental Psyche

  1. we are yearn for respite from the monotony of life. i myself am battling with this. It led to some form of depression which i wrote about in a post on my blog titled: Unorthodox.
    The main problem is that should extraordinary things happen often will we see them as extraordinary or ordinary? i think we should learn to see the extra-odinariness of our ordinary lives (like through poetry) . Bless -Hakeem

    1. Thank you Hakeem. Your English is good btw. I know what you mean and i often think about these things. I have a psychological issue myself which i don’t like to discuss but believe me, i know where you are coming from

    1. Haha yes i know what you mean. For a long time i ascribed to the Eminem’s philosphy “i’m sick of living down here, i wanna live up here” to paraphrase. Nowadays i appreciate that, no matter how skilled i am linguistically, i will not be financially or conventionally successful

  2. Well, I’m having a bit of an unfortunate day but I think the general thinking is you have to go after extraordinary and drag it into your days. Usually I can manage to marvel at any number of extraordinary things and I’m sure I will still as the day’s not over yet… Wishing yours takes an extraordinary turn!

  3. Too many breathless moments makes us die. Breathing is good. I recommend wearing the “witness hat.” Be an observer. Look at a drop of rain or a flake of snow on a leaf, on a dead-seeming branch. Feel the moment, the beauty of the simplest thing.

    Look at a dead thing that is forgotten, and give it meaning. Visit headstones that you don’t know. Being able to do that means that you are alive, that you are creating, that you are more than however you feel right now. And breathe.

  4. Sarah says it beautifully….Making time to carefully examine what lies all around us can create the extraordinary. I went for a walk yesterday and spent most of my time bent double examining lichen, whose shape, color, texture and size were amazing, unlike any I had ever seen before.

    But I hear your wish for magic…If you have any spare change (?), travel, esp. alone (NYC!!) can offer amazing moments that take you to a different place emotionally and show you new possibilities for yourself that are difficult to even imagine in our everyday, mundane lives.

    I live in the NYC suburbs. BORING!!!!!! I have been dying for some adventures and have actively chased down a few — now I am going to middle of nowhere Nicaragua next month (for work) and possibly to Australia (ditto) and thrilled about it. You may have to beat the bushes hard to shake out some more excitement but it’s very much there for the taking. I think part of is is seeing yourself in those moments (i.e. having the skill/courage to go for it) and then chasing them down.

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