The Tyranny Of The State

In early October I went to see a football game in Norwich. I parked in an area that I was directed to by marshals. I returned after the game, got in my car and drove home.
76 days later I received a parking ticket addressed to “Mr Bronsdon” (not my name) and featuring several typographical errors. Confused by the two and a half month wait, the absence of any parking restriction notices in the area and by the lack of any ticket on my windscreen; I questioned the ticket.
The response was basically that the marshals have no authority (so why are they allowed?), the parking ticket was attached to my windscreen in a waterproof pouch and the council can’t take responsibility for people removing it (it was a dry day and neither the pouch nor any adhesive residue were anywhere to be seen) and the council can issue tickets any time up to 6 months after an alleged incident.
The council know that my only option is to pay now or to try take them to court. Court would be more costly than the fine and I would be very surprised that, in a case of Norwich City Council vs a private citizen, Norwich City Council would turn on itself and let me off the hook.
So I guess I must concede the fight. I don’t have the time or the money to battle on, but that irks me even more. The council know that few private citizens have the resources to challenge them.

It’s a shame…my father always taught me to stand up to bullies.


2 thoughts on “The Tyranny Of The State

  1. I follow your father’s advice in my approach to bullies. Why not apply military Information Operations doctrine?

    Write the mayor a polite letter in which you tell her/him the circumstances and ask that the ticket be rescinded. Should that fail, your next letter to him or her is CC: to every news outlet in your local area.

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