Aaron Sorkin

(British units in brackets)

Ok, first of all, I love Sports Night. The West Wing is one of my top 3 shows on television and The Newsroom has me hooked. My only issue with Sorkin is this: talented, intelligent and sexy people are all doing great, important and exciting things. They all live at work, they go to the gym at 5am and go for drinks together til 2am. They are 25, they are knackered, but they are sexy, sharp witted and a force for good in the world. Oh no, they can only just afford their New York apartment on their $60k (£37k) salary! But that’s kinda their cross to bear cos they turned down a six figure salary in business so that they could make a change for the better in this world.
I would love to see a show where an MIT (Cambridge) graduate is a waiter, a Princeton (Durham) alumni stacks shelves, a Berkeley (Liverpool) PHD student had to put their studies on hold because their parents ran out of cash or a Johns Hopkins (Loughborough) graduate is on the dole.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch these sexy people and their stand up speed quips, but I can’t relate to these lives.

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