It’s quiet now
Deadly still
It’s always so cold in Suffolk

Even a fiery heart couldn’t heat things
Up and she’s not yours anymore
Was she ever?
None of your concern

She’s happy now
Look into her eyes
Or don’t, I guess that you
Can’t make it out in her
Low res photos

But she’s happy now
Happier than I can remember
When you both sat here in the
Kitchen six months ago

So keep telling her about Sweden
I’m sure it would be a romantic break
If you were together
But she’s happy now

The sun’s kinda low today
Dontcha think? The frost
Is pretty thick
I guess you’ll be taking this walk alone

6 thoughts on “Silent

  1. I like the cold imagery, I can feel the atmosphere you are creating.
    Thanks for following my blog 🙂

  2. nice poem, the imagery and emotion felt sad, haunting even. Thanks for following my blog, and I look forward to reading more.

  3. Coldly wistful…agree with other fans, that I can feel the dulling drear, inside and out. Especially love the refrain, the cold comfort of that lament: “but she’s happy now, she’s happy now….” Funny how we repeat these things to ourselves over and over, can’t believe it or don’t want to. Thank you for the inspiration. Glad to hear the inspiration for this is distant memory :). Cheers! p.s. Thank you for stopping by and following.

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