The Power Of Fiction

I’m not a particularly prolific blogger, I only write when I am inspired to. Sometimes inspiration strikes twice in one day, sometimes my blog lies dormant for weeks at a time. I’ve managed to splutter out about 70 posts now though and the reaction to 1 post in particular has surprised me.

Seraca Part 1

This extract is taken from the first draft of the first chapter of my unfinished novel, Seraca. It is (or is planned to be) an emotional chronicle of several young adult’s experience of childhood trauma. There are four characters; Jeff, Peter, Jade and Sarah. The extract featured on this blog details an argument between Jade and Peter, seen from Peter’s eyes. It is often alluded to that Peter is prodigiously talented.

I am not Peter. Seriously, of all the reactions to all my posts, the comments and questions I get about Seraca baffle me. Peter is a minefield of complexity, a talented writer with more baggage than Jordan’s make up team. If I am Peter and if I believed I was a genius (and trust me, reading back one of my blogs is enough to bring me softly back to reality), then why would I write about it so explicitly? Nobody is that vain or that brave. It would be akin to painting a bulls-eye on the back of your best suit jacket and walking through a Mancunian’s stag do paintball whilst singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and wiping your bare arse with a photo of Sir Alex.
I am not a genius, I am often quite stupid. Many people who know that I have a degree will look at me and speak slowly with a bemused expression as they try to explain something supposedly simplistic for the seventh time. Peter may be a genius. That is why it is such a challenge to write sections of the novel from his perspective.
The second thing that people ask me about Seraca baffles me even further: “is it a true story? Or based on a true story? Is Jade *insert an ex girlfriend’s name*? Is Jade *uses own name*?”
Seraca is a true story to the extent that the movie franchise Fast and Furious is a true story. I have been dumped by women and some people with considerably more income than me drop £15k on tuning Toyota Supras. Seraca is not a memoir or a true story, it is fiction. It is writing for effect. It is creativity, it is original thought, it is a spark of consciousness, it is the splash of sentience that separates (most of) us from the bonobo chimp.

J.K Rowling wasn’t a magical 13 year old boy and E.L James (probably) hasn’t been bent over quite as many times as her protagonist.

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Fiction

  1. Ugggh! Assumptions of authorial-protagonist equivalence is so, like, three days ago. But seriously, my own brother (who should know better) has wondered if certain characters I write are simply mirrors I look upon like Narcissus with a pen.

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