In my dreams i’m soaring
Coasting, flying, rising high above
The bleak towers and turrets of our world
If this is my deepest desire

Then what does that say about
The life that i’m living
If all I crave is solitude and
An escape, to travel anywhere

Anyplace but here
The updraft whips around my
Tattered clothes, draped loosely
Over this broken body

Yet for the life of me
I can’t think of anywhere else i’d
Rather be and this dream has
Followed me for as long as I’ve known

Windwalking, racing across
Rooftops, riding clouds until
I fall flat on my face
A mouthful of dirt and grit

Spit it out and ascend
Rise again, remain ethereal
Airborne and weightless
So sick of waiting

They say that you can
Run from your problems
But can’t run from yourself, well
I’ve never heard any cautionary talk

Of trials, tribulations, ordeals or
Unpleasantness chasing and following
As you drift along on a draft
Or grip on to a gust

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