Stay Your Own Road

There has never been as good a time as this

There will never be a better place than now

Yet, for the life of me, I can’t think how

To begin, there are no words, just the crackling of lungs


Maybe, sweetheart, you’re all just a little too used to the cliche

Or perhaps, words will always fail where swords once talked

Where we once had knights, we now have empty days

I stand exhausted, without moving a muscle


So sit there preening, polishing, blushing

See what good it does you, see what good it does any of us

When push comes to shove and shit splatters over the fan

What do any of us have except for ourselves, our fragile lumps of flesh


We’re all desensitized, deaf and dumb.

We’re poetic and lack etiquette and this is our lot

The fact is, sweetheart, you’ve heard every single word

I could muster, you’ve felt every emotion before


There is nothing else to say or to do

When language fails us and grand gestures are as dead

As we are soon to be, how do we seize the day

Do we just stay our own road

As the tarmac meets the horizon 


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