This Jaded Desire

Too many days without a care
We lay beneath the apple trees
Of your mind, without fear
The cider of this summer
Holds a bitter sweet sting

This all ends here, this separation
The crimson flows over the banks
This lake of blood and tears, embryonic

The memories cut deep, hold your hand
Loosen your grip on that scimitar
The one pointed at my left,
Abdominal, cavity
Where it beats, pumps, surges

This lust, expires
This jaded desire for her
For life, for all of this
Dies now, fucking hopeless

Cure all this sickness, this agony
Oceans, ashes and a young man’s tears
This sting of a crushed heart
The red pain, heat rising to pump into
The face, we know now that this is all

The end complete, doctrine
Why can’t we control all this
Take us back to the orchard, we long
For our idyllic summer
Reclaim the innocence
Sweetheart, the apple cuts far clearer now

For her life
For our lives
For all that we have known

For her, for life
For all this
This jaded desire

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