The Last Word

Every last word, memorised, wrote down
Sanitised, justified, time and time again
It runs through my mind until every thought
Every hope has been exhausted
Until the burn of passion, the flame of hope
Is extinguished and buried beneath six foot of shit and snow

I know that these games you play
Were never meant to have a winner
Let alone a contestant but i’m deep
In this maze and I need a fucking rope
So throw me one and I’ll climb out or hang myself
Whatever’s easier for you, to sit on your conscience

Its already been said and done, all of this
A thousand fucking times before
But never for me, it’s all so tired but it’s new
What do you want, and why will I never get to know
How the sorrow in your eyes isn’t for sharing
No comfort in misery, loneliness loves singularity

I can’t change to make this right
If I never know whats wrong and how
I can be any kind of help then maybe its best
You put me out of the picture

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