Here Stands Beauty

Here stands beauty, with ebbing strength

Before the walls, beneath their towers

It’s better to turn and run

To live to fight another day


And as I hold onto the cracks in my soul

As I cling to the only safety I know

My hands clench my convictions

As the skin rips and falls from my fists


They surge forth, they surge on

With emptiness ringing through their ears

They seize at the beauty, at the hope

That lies behind conviction, that lives in solitude


Heroine, a tragedy, a tragic hero, lonely

Weaving, dancing, slaying, she’ll be forever

Maiming, a swathe through the winter palace

Empty halls, reddened walls and dead eyes


Looking up, I look at her, I know

Drowning beneath three feet of ice

Is everything she could ever wish for

Running, coursing, fleeing, dead in the snow

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