In our search for perfect bodies
We forget the, things that make us real
It’s not the soul divine, or a spirit
There’s no ghost in this machine

Through the wastes and the ravages of the flesh
I’ll endure this but be battered all the same
And some dark day long from now I’ll lay down
The tatters of this shell

Everything will rot and ruin but words, words never fade
So i’ll leave this earth as worm meat, just a footnote in the tome of history
If these words, these screams, ever reach you then you’ll know why
And what I laboured for

You hold my legacy, but my body, no, you can’t hold me
I’m gone and all this is over but hear me and know these dreams
Not ghost, nor machine baby but i’m timeless, I live through these words

This is all you’ve got of me, but, know me
Your skin, your greenish eyes and your memories
Like your hairline, like your blood type
Are mine, were mine, and I love you

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