Filling A Much Needed Gap

The day will come when all you know
Starts to crumble, crash and fall
You’ll crawl towards the door, the escape
To find it shut, locked and welded

The night rolls in and you shan’t see the dawn
Your day will break, with no light
But the flickering, buzzing white
And no sound but the groans of the broken

If science falls then what will we have
But superstition and inquisitions
Genocide, suicide and no right to die
But at their hands and bear their lies

How is this even a question?
When we know all of the answers
Unweave the rainbow, feel the beauty
Of knowing and never bowing

Empty skies, blinded eyes
No architect, no craftsman to create, to control
To wield the doors, to build the walls
To kick you to the floor

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