I’m currently waiting for a major, scheduled, event in my life. I have very little to do with my time at the moment so I decided to turn back to writing to keep myself entertained. This idea came to me when I was recently assigned a “speed typing” task. I set about splurting out a short story about a young pregnant woman whose partner had left for unknown reasons and whom she hoped to see again shortly. I focused on her optimism, her hope and her longing. A quick glance at my neighbour’s screen reminded me of how my mind worked differently to others, they were writing about what they had done that day. I was so exhilarated by my creative endeavour and was reminded of how much I used to enjoy writing. So, in order to avoid boredom as I wait for the event, I have decided that I will channel my energies into three separate creative outlets;  this blog, a novel and a sitcom script. This blog will be about anything and everything I think up, things that annoy me, points I wish to address, replies to comments on previous blogs, what I am eating, the progress of my novel, the concept behind my sitcom etc.

My novel is one which I have long been planning to write; a modern ‘epic’. I don’t mean ‘epic’ in the way which most people have begun to use it, it has no positive or negative connotations. The word ‘epic’ doesn’t necessarily ascribe value to a work. I am using it to mean a long, sprawling, classically influenced opus. Ideally I want to capture the essence of humanity in the early twenty first century, the despair of youth, the hopelessness of our finite existence and the realisation that we have all been mislead and deluded by Hollywood and it’s idealisation of life. It might suck. As a first attempt it is probably ambitious. I’m enjoying writing it, so that’s important.

Finally, the sitcom. I have been writing sitcoms for about 7 years. I have written, and performed, in two radio sitcoms for my university radio station and one televised one for their online tv channel. These experiences taught me two things; firstly- I cannot act, secondly- a surprising amount of university drama students cannot read or cannot correctly enunciate and B- I am inconsistent. I have also written a full 30 page episode for a tv sitcom which was sent to, and duly rejected by, the BBC. At first I flattered myself into thinking that this rejection was because my wit and wordplay could not be sold to the mainstream but now I realise that writing a 30 page script over the course of four years and with dozens of edits and thematic changes can only lead to a bit of a mess. So this new script is completely original and is flowing nicely. I’ve always had a problem with plot and story arcs, being more at home with wordplay and joke writing but this one actually has a direction.

I may feature excerpts from the script and novel or discuss them further in later blogs. I’m gonna get out of my dressing gown now. It’s 1:32pm.

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