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A great man once said “write as though you had a readership and one day you will”. I’m not sure if a great man did say that and, if he didn’t, then i’m having it. Splashed across my obituary will be a list of my most notable remarks, that might be one of them. If they can squeeze anything else in under my list of accomplishments “World’s Sexiest Man”, “Most Studly Genius”, “Four time Emmy award Nominated sitcom”. I won’t be a sitcom, even in the future (I’ll lead a very long life) I doubt there will be a way to turn a human into a television show. I don’t mean a reality show about me, I mean a person becoming a television show. It doesn’t make sense. Then again television didn’t make much sense to people two hundred years ago. I don’t watch much television. I have a television. I’m not Amish. I just use my television as a computer monitor, I download the shows which are worth watching. There aren’t many shows worth watching, whenever I do happen to turn on the “telly” the worst show ever made is on.

The Big Bang Theory is repeated ad nauseum on all the channels with 4 in their name. I despise the canned laughter and the threadbare and ridiculous plots, it isn’t funny. I also hate how everyone else on earth apparently loves it, this appeals to my sense of contrarianism and also makes me despair at the idiocy of the general public. Lowest common denominator comedy should have died out long ago yet only seems to thrive, mostly in America but also over here with Mrs Brown’s Boys and Miranda. These are the very shows that the show within a show in Extras lampoons. Yet for every one person who knowingly chuckles during Extras there are five people eagerly hunting for the remote to switch over to The Big Bang Theory. Frankly i’m surprised that they have the mental faculty to understand the intricacies of remote control operation.

Sadly, that leads me to my biggest issue with The Big Bang Theory. Friends of mine whose intelligence I respect and often admire have confessed, nay, boasted of their love for the show. I suspect that this is because of the smokescreen deliberately created by the show’s evil mastermind creators. By having a show about “geniuses” and “nerds” they can make dozens of references to nerd culture- Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons And Dragons, Magic The Gathering, World Of Warcraft. Intelligent people watch the show and, presumably, are so overwhelmed at the recognition of Dungeon Quest on a mainstream television show that they are blinded to the flaws of the show. Or perhaps i’m wrong. Perhaps I just don’t get it. Just do me a favour and try to block out the canned laughter punctuating every third word and attempt to analyse the “jokes” for yourself.

This post wasn’t actually meant to be about The Big Bang Theory or anything in particular. I guess that’s the thing about trains of thought, they often go off the rails a bit. Well, at least that particular rant is over. I even cut out about 100 words about the darn show. Next post will be more positive. I promise. I like melba toast.

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