Pertaining to the multifaceted shimmering shine of fox fur

Ok, this is not a blog about iridescent foxes, the iridescence of fox fur or foxes in general. It is also nothing to do with iridescence. I’m only partially sure what iridescence is, I think it has something to do with prismatic light diffusion. So there will be no articles about the Russian fox domestication program, nor will there really be any “articles”. So if you were looking for that then you’d best look elsewhere. Or stay here. I’m not in the business of shooing away potential readers.

   I chose the title because it was better than “my blog”. Quite how my mind made the leap from something dull and descriptive to something quite so unusual and irrelevant is beyond me. So what will I blog about? I’m not sure. Do you ever have a thought whilst driving, running, watching shite tv etc, and feel the urge to write about it? Well I always do. So now I have a platform to write about all the random crap that I think of. I saved a small frog from next door’s cat today. Why do cats hunt? They never eat what they kill, is it just a case of their evolution not having caught up with their domestication? I don’t really care what the answer is. I’m watching WWE Summerslam 2012 and it may be the campest nonsense I’ve ever watched. Was it like this 12 years ago when I used to watch it religiously? Subjects for the next blog- cars, friends and ennui.

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